Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan (2023)

What can be said about Pakistani fashion? It’s made leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. It’s finally gotten a bit of Western inspiration, it’s looking more and more modern and the classic styles have found a new love in the hearts of younger generations.

But with so many brands to choose from, it can be hard to know which brand you think would be most viable to your taste. So here we are, saving the day with a top 20 list for some of the best clothing brands in Pakistan. You will find a variety of brands who all have something different to offer and materials that please the buyer.

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Zellbury makes a series of off the shelf clothing as well as unstitched clothing which you can wear for casual occasions. It’s bright and colorful, making sure to stick to exotic patterns and take a pinch of inspiration from places such as Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Some of the patterns you find here will be new takes on traditional Pakistani clothing. Their ready to wear series is popular for those that want to just wear something that is easy and able to be treated a little more robustly. It’s great for hosting parties at home, dinners and patio chill out evenings.

Check out their Eastern line, which is more like you would expect classic Pakistani clothing to be for the mean and women.

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If you like colorful outfits this one’s for you. You’ll note that many of their clothing styles are based on the classic Asian style. You find this type of clothing all round the continent, sometimes the most prominent places are China and Indonesia.

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Their clothes are oversized, they hang naturally and they fit well around the shoulders. As mentioned, they are quite colorful but their patterns are very classic. They use the usual purple, yellow and green mixes that go so well with the exotic tastes of the modern buyer.

If you would like something casual and perhaps something you can wear around town on the weekend, you should try their unstitched line. These clothes you simply pull on and that is something you might like if you are younger, want something that washes easily and can be replaced if it ever gets tired and old.

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This brand is not afraid to mix in some Western style. They have embroidered jeans and tops, something that the younger generation may want. The added style is really to make what could be passed off as a plain item to be more creative and stylish. Thankfully, they are also quite affordable with many of the tops going for about £40.00. Maybe this kind of style isn’t what you want, but that is all right because they also do what you would expect from Clothing Brands in Pakistan.

They have unstitched clothing, something that is more like a pull over for the Western crowd. It’s quite unique in that it’s a mix between a t-shirt, long sleeve top and what could be perhaps interpreted as a jumper or sweater.

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They call themselves the best ready to wear label in the country. Is it true? Well yes and no. We have to be honest and realize that many of their clothing styles are very traditional and hence, they are simple, plain and basic. They do, however, fit very well. They are made for the Pakistani climate too, as they are very baggy, airy and they don’t allow sweat to be constantly absorbed by the fibers.

They also say they have versatile pieces but one can only say that this is a half truth. They do have lots of classic clothing that can be worn with different outfits but they are not groundbreaking.

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The name speaks for itself, these are clothes that are heavily influenced by China and Chinese culture. People might not know this but there is a large contingent of Chinese Pakistanis in the country and many still wear traditional clothing of China. What sets this brand apart is how it can merge the cultures of China and Pakistan in the clothing.

Do you see their sleeves that are wide and open? They almost hang down like a traditional Chinese garment. However they are emblazoned with Pakistani patterns and colors that you would find somewhere along the beach of a Western nation. They are very loud, yellow is the most popular color for this brand. Many of their stitched and unstitched items are in this color.

However, their printed ready to wear shirts are great. You can put forth your own design and they may be able to satisfy you.

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Sana Safinaz

The thing that sets them apart is their ability to experiment with different seasonal styles. If you want something new for the spring or summer, it’s good to check out their newest line up. As you might expect they are keeping their items affordable as they are mainly geared towards the more mature client. They mainly only do female products which is understandable as the market is much larger than for the mens.

The strange thing is, the reason why Sana Safinaz is so popular is because of the limited versatility of the pieces. The traditional market is still very much alive and that paves the way for focus on the fabric and not really the unique lines and style of the items. They take pride in their sourcing, mainly using cotton and wool from local merchants.

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They make longer tops such as those that go down to about shin height. This is what you would call traditional Pakistani clothing, something that you might recognize when you touch down in the country. These fashion items are mainly seen in and around the capital city, where many of the biggest brands are located.

In terms of affordability, it’s pretty okay. It’s nothing like you might imagine if you saw their items being worn on a catwalk or something. We think that it’s perhaps best to mix and match these items with some more expensive clothing.

Maybe you could buy some premium heels along with some of the unstitched pullovers. They also have some western pullover tops as well, which you might want to mix with the trousers from the more classic style. They do some darker tones along with the vibrant yellows and greens if you want something that is more discreet.

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Bonanza Satrangi

You have garbs which are long, minimalist and they are easy to wear. Button up and head out with some shades or match the top with some trousers. They also have Western clothing such as polo shirts and t-shirts with different patterns and designs. You may find that you can mix and match some things on their list. Their outerwear is for those that would like something a little warmer so if you live in a colder part of the world, you can add some layers onto your underlayers.

It’s hard to pin down the style of this brand. It’s quite modern and yet it yields to some of the more classic styles of clothing. If you want something new and challenging, go with this brand. We can honestly say that this new take on classic Pakistani clothing is refreshing and should not be glossed over as many brands still tow the same old line.

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Gul Ahmed

If you want really colorful items with complex patterns and designs then you need to head over to this brand. They do colors that most other brands don’t want to touch. Namely, they have a series of black and red unstitched items which look better than most other brands in lighter tones.

Their ready-to-wear line is probably one of the best, with lines and styles that really help you to look slim and great. Their men’s apparel lineup is great, really showing the other brands how to do it. They have casual shirts, with great printed t-shirts. They want to present an international look with these items and so they are showcasing t-shirts with landmarks in cities like New York, Paris and Dublin.

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This brand can do things that others might not want to do, i.e. they invest more in their accessories. This includes things like scarves, shoes, bracelets and also items such as earrings. So if you want to create outfits from just one brand, this is the way to go. Ethnic is known to really celebrate Pakistani clothing and thankfully they have not driven away from their base.

They also do a version of a ruffle dress, something which other brands have not been able to pull off convincingly. Of course, it’s a dress that has French origins so it’s going to be Westernized to some degree. But the dress is something you could wear at a casual meeting or perhaps just when you are hosting a dinner party.

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Al Karam

Thankfully, this brand is very affordable with many of their items not nearing triple digits. They are also heavily investing in the men’s side of things. It’s strange how so many of the top clothing brands in Pakistan, mainly focus on just women and not the men. So it’s refreshing to see Al Karam finally make things like a lawn waistcoat.

You may also want to try their accessories such as their scarves and footwear. Because of the country and the climate, these items will be lightweight, so they allow your skin to breathe. As the name suggests, Limelight is making leaps and bounds in the industry of affordable fashion.

All eyes are on this brand in the next fashion shows and let’s see if they can take on their rivals Gul Admad and Agha Noor. their newest summer collection is out and has almost sold completely.

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If you want classic ready to wear clothing, this is the brand to go to. But surprisingly the brand also had a touch of Western flair to it as it does have a better fit than other styles. This is something you notice in their clothes with the line patterns along the arms and shoulders. This is perhaps because the stitching keeps the shape of the fabric for longer and it can be worn with little support from any underlayers.

You’ll find that they also have a range of accessories for the Pakistani fashion lover. They have scarves, throws and other items such as bottoms and sleeping straight trousers. This is about comfort and not always style but because they are made from linen and Egyptian cotton they are inherently stylish.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan (14)


The summer collection is out and it’s full of floral patterns. It’s got a lot of blue this year, something that you may want to know more about if you like orange and yellow patterns. Minimalism is the style of this brand and if you want something basic, plain and something you can style yourself, this is the way to go.

They do have some items such as 2 sets and also some 3 sets which you can try. These are trousers along with the top and the 3 sets are those two things but often with a long scarf to go with it.

You may find that some of the fabrics they use are thinner and this is because there are meant to be worn indoors and that’s something you should consider. They are great for house parties and for casual wear but don’t walk around town in them.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan (15)

Agha Noor

This brand is all about bright colors and long lines. The vertical lines are not for everyone but they go well when they are replaced with darker toned clothing. Their bright red ready to wear collection is great.

It’s something you could wear for the summer or spring. It’s not something that you should feel cold in either as they use strictly cotton. Many brands will use synthetics but this particular brand is sourcing their cotton from local suppliers. This also makes it possible to lengthen and size your clothes much better.

For example, if you wanted a chiffon shirt, they can size it for you if you bring your measurements along. However if you are just buying online then you will have to make do with what they have. The thing about this brand is it’s affordable and with about RS 6500 bringing a normal price, you can see why they are popular.

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Rang Ja

They have a 30% off offer that is limited to tjust the next few weeks. This kind of clothing is for the person who loves nomadic fashion. The tops are very long and they drape to the floor. The patterns are kind of a mix between Chinese, Mongolian and Pakistani.

You will find patterns and designs of flowers, squares, shapes such as ovals and yin and yang prints. On their website you can see that they have their models wearing the clothes out in the desert. So you can see what they are trying to convey. I.e. that their clothing is rural, rustic and for those who love country clothing styles.

One cannot help but think they are trying to be exotic purely to branch themselves off from the rest of the herd. Their colors and pattern choices don’t make sense on some of the pieces. You have brown lines with black and white squares and then it goes onto scrolls and plant patterns.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan (17)

Maria B

Another prominent modern brand is Maria B. this has a slightly Tunisian touch, with it’s plain white brogued tops that are something you would see in the northern cliffs of Tunis. They also sell bags but in the deeper colors. We think this is probably because it doesn’t want the brightness to clash with their tops.

You will find clothing very similar to the brand J, as it too has some rural country flair. The patterns are unique to specific regions of northern pakistan and it shows in the lines. The shoulders are baggy, the sleeves are not too long, up to the lower forearm and the cut is a little triangular at the hem. You can see they must have spoken to some of the tribes and villages in the mountains to get their feedback on their designs.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan (18)

Asim Jofa

If you’re looking for formal wear this is the brand for your tastes. They make different kinds of dresses and they can look almost Western. This is a good blend between the classic Pakistani style and the Western-style because they have dresses that you wouldn’t look out of place in wearing at a wedding, or perhaps a banquet party in Europe. However they have distinct Pakistani patterns and lines that you can strike up a conversation with for those who are not familiar with the style.

However, you may also want to look at their casual dresses, something you can wear at a dinner party or perhaps some kind of gathering where you need to look great but not overdress for the occasion.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan (19)

Junaid Jamshed

At the moment they are having a 35% and 25% sale which has been going on for about a month or so. This has meant that some of their top items are going for bargain prices. We can’t quite put our fingers on it. They have a rural style but it’s often worn and made in the cities. It’s perhaps a nice change from so much of the city wear that you see which is plain, and although it has a good cut and line, it doesn’t strike the eye as much.

Their patterns are for the rustic audience, with lots of intricate patterns and designs. They use star designs sof the shoulders and sometimes the chest. This is something of a homage to the Pakistan flag and lets people know what kind of garment you are wearing. You don’t want it to be confused with a Mongolian item that could be similar in length and fabric.

Top 20 Clothing Brands in Pakistan (20)


They mainly focus on women’s clothing and the style is perhaps more clearly related to the Chinese inspirations we have seen. Yellow flower patterns on the sleeves and the wizard sleeve designs. They also have rounded necks as opposed to the usual diamond v-neck designs. Not to mention they also use unstitched items as their mainline.

The reason why they do this is because they want their items to be affordable and yet have intricate patterns on the surface. They too, like many brands on this list, use Egyptian cotton. It seems like that is the go-to material of choice.

If you would like to know more about clothing brands in Pakistan, then you need only to ask. We’re happy to talk about various styles, cuts, lines, and prints from all these and more brands if you would like to. Ask us any questions and we’ll be happy to give you an educated reply.

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