Pokemon Infinite Fusion Post Game (2023)

1. Postgame | Pokémon Infinite Fusion Wiki - Fandom

  • Gym Leader rematches · Triple Fusions · DemIce's endgame mode · Sevii Islands

  • The game offers some additional content after defeating the Elite 4. (section under construction) There are 8 additional badges to collect during the postgame. Obtaining all 8 postgame badges allows the player to enter Mt. Silver. See also: Gym Leaders Leader: Whitney (Normal type) The Goldenrod gym is accessible as soon as the Elite 4 has been defeated. It is a Normal-type gym. When you head over to Goldenrod you will be approached by Whitney who is looking for new challengers to the Gym. The g

2. Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough, Wiki, Guide, and More - Fresherslive

  • Apr 1, 2023 · After becoming the champion, Oak informs you that Professor Elm in Johto ... Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made Pokemon game that allows ...

  • Gamers should know the Pokemon Infinite Fusion Walkthrough so that they are updated about Pokemon Infinite Fusion, in this article. 

3. How to do Triple Fusions in Pokemon Infinite Fusion? - KJC eSports

  • Apr 28, 2023 · Well, it's not easy. You can only obtain triple fusions in the late post-game, after completing Mt. Silver. To unlock triple fusions, you'll ...

  • Here's how to do Triple Fusions in Pokemon Infinite Fusion using Legendary Pokemon. You can also use starter Pokemon. Read more to find out.

4. Let's Play Pokémon Infinite Fusion Part 12: Ooky Spooky Kooky ...

  • Dec 11, 2020 · This game makes the place even more creepy, which is quite the accomplishment. ... And with that, we're taking a break. Post-Update Summary.

  • Last time on Infinite Fusion we suffered quite a nasty loss to the team. Today, we’re exploring the absolutely-definitely-haunted Lavender Town. Quite apropos if you ask me. Gold is a tempting reas…

5. Pokémon Infinite Fusion Review | stovetop - Backloggd

  • Feb 28, 2023 · ... pokemon before end/post game. The game has 3 difficulty options regular pokemon difficulty(easy), normal and hard. I played on baby easy cuz ...

  • This fangame/romhack whatever this is was great. Had a lot of good things going for it. The custom sprites were fantastic, so many were so beautiful however not all pokemon have that same level of care. Usually the lower end evolutions outside of those really liked pokemon such as the starters, first route bird, legendaries and eeveelutions to name a few. Sandshrew also had like fantastic sprite after fantastic sprite. I'm not complaining, the little guy deserves the world and more but it just seemed odd how consistent those were lol. Those that don't have the custom sprites have ones ripped right from the online fusion generator. Even the order you choose the fusion materials changes how it'll look and its stats which is too intricate for me to go in here. Even fusing two of the same pokemon together can give you a totally new sprite like Gastly and Tyranitar, which the latter I was able to get as soon as I got to Fuscia city so thank you creator for letting me use my favorite pokemon before end/post game. The game has 3 difficulty options regular pokemon difficulty(easy), normal and hard. I played on baby easy cuz I actually like the permanent exp all and I hate EV training. You can get that exp all by itself as well on the other difficulties and turn it off if you want. The game also lets you save in multiple save slots. Its story isn't entirely just the gen 1 story, you're still following team rocket but their goals are means are different cuz fusions and whatnot. The game uses a somewhat gen 4 look. You'll be going to new areas that just didn't exist and the maps in general are redone. I found a new exit in rock tunnel and found a legend of zelda reference with ofc yielded a honedge. Its post game was also fun, if a bit hectic with how much it has you jump around. You go to johto 3 years before the events of gen 2. Its not the johto you remember, and you're even allowed to go there as early as beating team rocket in saffron. Tms are infinite use, hms can be deleted without needing the move deleter and there's items you can get that just outright replace the HMs. I didn't need to keep trash like rock smash and flash at the ready after getting those items so make sure you explore and do the sidequests. The post game superboss was also done so well. How you get there, the events that occur. I'm not gonna say anymore but if you play this, you would be remiss to not go all the way through to that. I can't remember the last post game that was this worthwhile. If you like pokemon and its romhacks, this will test your type matchup, moveset knowledge and ability to discern fused names. This romhack is probably second only to Crystal Clear to me.

6. This Pokemon ROM turns fusion generator into a cursed RPG, and ...

  • Jul 5, 2023 · ... post-game storyline, over 40 sidequests, 16 Gym Leaders, 25 Legendary ... Guys Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a good game if not only for early ...

  • Watch out for one NPC though

7. Pokemon Infinite Fusion Review - Retro Dodo

  • 6 days ago · Pokemon Infinite Fusion is probably the most talked-about Pokemon fan game in the last year or so, with it exploding onto TikTok.

  • Pokemon Infinite Fusion offers infinite potential, but can it live up to the promises it makes, or does it flounder, find out in our review.

8. Pokemon Infinite Fusion Triple Fusion: Full List - DBLTAP

  • Apr 11, 2023 · Here is a complete list of the Pokémon that can be triple fused together in the post-game ... Players of the fan-game Pokémon Infinite Fusion ...

  • Players of the fan-game Pokémon Infinite Fusion who have beaten the main storyline of the game will have access to triple fusion, merging more than just two Pok

9. Video Game / Pokémon Infinite Fusion - TV Tropes

  • After the postgame, you can fight the other three trainers, which will give you the Infinite Reverser essential item and upgrade your Infinite Splicers.

  • Pokémon Infinite Fusion is a Pokémon Fan Game in RPG Maker that incorporates fusionsnote Originating from a Pokéfusion generator site, alongside a bunch of other custom made sprites later on in development into the world …

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